Make an investment in your career

Your CV is a vital part of your job search, as well as the first chance you have to make a positive impression on a recruiter. If it makes the right impact, your CV opens the door to professional growth, new career opportunities, and, hopefully, that all-important salary increase. With so much at stake, why wouldn't you call in the professionals?

Collaborating with a professional CV writer on this career-enhancing document has many benefits; consider these five key reasons why the investment is worth it.

Long-term gains

A well-written CV provides a solid foundation for your future career. Just as you would invest in a quality coat to last through the years, you should invest in a document that you can build upon as you progress through your working life. You can replicate the format as you add new roles and the rest of the document will only require minor tweaks to remain relevant.


To really show off your worth to a prospective employer, your CV must highlight your achievements, successes, and contributions. However, bragging doesn't come naturally to most of us, and arrogance was identified in a 2019 survey as the biggest personality trait turnoff according to recruiters. Luckily, a professional CV writer will choose the right words to showcase your talents whilst perfectly balancing the tone, to avoid giving the wrong impression. You need a recruiter to sit up and take notice when your CV lands on their desk; a good writer will make this happen by presenting your most saleable attributes professionally and confidently.


Working with a professional CV writer is the perfect opportunity to identify your core skills, thus also helping you to prepare for an interview. Your writer will collect a surplus of information about your career history and providing that will enable you to look at your career from a new perspective and prepare responses to common interview questions. Your expert writer will also be able to suggest skills that you may not have considered including, that will position you ahead of other candidates when you mention them in an interview.


Preparing a CV takes time. You can spend hours working on the document only to miss key points and make basic mistakes. By outsourcing the task to a professional, you'll free up these hours to focus on looking for your next role, preparing for interviews, or even just relaxing with a nice cup of tea. You're not just gaining a quality CV ‒ you're gaining time.


CV writers have up-to-date knowledge of CV writing best practice; they know what works and what doesn't. They've seen ‒ and improved ‒ thousands of CVs. By employing their services, you're able to access this expertise and have it applied directly to your personal document.

A good writer will take the time to understand your objectives and your career to date. They can then structure and word your CV appropriately, to ensure that you achieve your goals. They'll also provide a much-needed outside perspective on your CV, looking at it critically to ensure that the right information is included (and that the less helpful details are omitted).

Bite the bullet!

Few people find it easy to present themselves well on paper and the vast majority of job applicants could benefit from expert guidance before sending out their CVs. At TopCV, our writers have many years' experience in crafting successful job-hunt documents for clients in every field imaginable. Having helped so many candidates to secure their next roles, we know that a professional CV writing service is a valuable investment in your future.

Ready to invest in your future career? Learn more about working with a professional CV writer.

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