LONDON (16th May 2023) – New research from TopCV, the world's largest CV writing service, reveals that over half (54%) of UK professionals are updating their CV less often than experts recommend. 

When TopCV asked over 4,000 UK professionals how often they update their CV,  it was discovered that 28% update their CV only when actively job-seeking, 14% update it once a year and 7% every few years. Worryingly, 5% had never updated their CV since first writing it. Whilst there is no hard and fast rule regarding how often you should update your CV, experts in the CV writing community advise individuals to regularly edit their CV with relevant information throughout the year, even if they have no immediate plans to change jobs

Amanda Augustine, careers expert at TopCV, commented: ''Whether or not you're actively looking for a new job, nobody wants to be rushing to shape up their CV when their dream role – or a P45 – comes up. The more frequently you update your CV, the less of a daunting chore it becomes.”

Augustine offers the following tips to make updating your CV as painless as possible:

  • Add the good news in real time. Incorporate the latest information to your CV whenever something significant happens, which could include earning a promotion or title change, transitioning to a new role or department, or winning an industry award, as well as completing a programme or gaining a new qualification. 

  • Quantify your new achievements. If you met or beat your quarterly goals, completed a big project ahead of time or below budget, or implemented a plan that increased website traffic or sales orders, be certain to support these claims with quantifiable results or concrete examples. You're more likely to remember the details and have access to the necessary data when you add these accomplishments soon after they've taken place.

  • Look beyond the here and now. When updating your CV, review the entire document with your future job plans in mind. Focus on where you want to go next, not what you have done or are currently doing. For instance, if you'd like to transition from an individual contributor role to a management position, look for opportunities to rephrase some of your previous work history, modify your list of core skills, or incorporate new accomplishments that accentuate your leadership or mentorship capabilities. 

''Timely updates such as these typically take no longer than 30 minutes, allowing you to keep your CV up to date before the process becomes overwhelming,” adds Augustine. “If you'd prefer to make these types of changes in batches, then dedicate time once a quarter to dust off your CV and ensure it's still an accurate reflection of your unique qualifications and career goals.”

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Between 3 April 2023 and 14 May 2023, TopCV asked 4,177 UK professionals how often they typically update their CV. The responses and percentage of respondents are as follows:

  • 3 or more times a year (26%)
  • A couple times a year (21%)
  • Once a year (14%)
  • Every few years (7%)
  • Only when I need to use it (28%)
  • I've never updated it before (5%)

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