There's a first time for everything, so make sure your first CV is a real corker!

The potential world of work experience - a scary prospect or something to relish? It needn't be a trial to get your first job CV shipshape, ready for a Saturday job or an exciting apprenticeship opportunity. We have all you need to know about how to write a CV for a 16 year old right here, right now. And with four CV examples for 16 year olds at the end of this article, you'll be well on your way to mastering the skill of putting together a comprehensive and informative teenager CV that highlights your skills and gets you noticed.

Can a 16-year-old even have a CV?

Of course. You've got your own experiences and skills to proclaim… and your pocket money just isn't enough any more for all the things you want to explore. Plus, securing a job at this stage in your life will teach you so many more new skills to add to your CV at a later date.

This is probably the first template for a CV that you've ever had to compile. But first, you want to make sure it's worth doing. A CV, or Curriculum Vitae to give its full name (which translates from the Latin as “course of life”), is a document that details a person's career and qualifications. Still relevant today, a CV is generally required when applying for jobs.

If you live in England, it's required by law that you remain in some sort of education or training until the age of 18. In Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, you can enter the world of work from leaving school at 16, depending on when your birthday falls.

Grab their attention

What is it about TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat that appeals? They're engaging, informative, eye-catching, and fun to read. So let your new 16 year old CV be the same! Whoever's reading your CV is looking to be impressed and heartened by your efforts at creating an amazing teenager CV. So don't disappoint!

Choose a fitting CV template for a 16 year old that is clear and clean with no tables or boxes, taking guidance from the CV examples for 16 year olds below. A one page CV is enough at this stage.

Then crack on with the personal profile, which sits under your contact details at the top of the page. This is often called the “Professional Profile”, but as you're likely to have little or no experience, it's best to title it as “Personal Profile”. Check out the profiles in the CV examples for 16 year olds that are included in this piece for inspiration, using them as a guide to hone your own profile with your key assets and attributes.

Next comes your education and qualifications. Not surprisingly, this is probably going to be your biggest selling point and thus, the most significant feature of your teenager CV. Keep it in list form, detailing grades of recent qualifications, such as GCSEs, the school, and year completed - or state “ongoing” if you're still in the process of taking them.

Shout out about your experience

If you do have some experience, whether that's two weeks work experience in an office or voluntary work at a local charity shop, then shout about it. Info on this should be placed under the education section. List the name of the company you worked for, your job title - even if it was Intern - and the dates. Then offer up bulleted points of your responsibilities, using active verbs and including any achievements, to set you up for finding a part-time job.

How do I write a CV for a teenager with no experience?

Drafting a CV for a teenager with no experience can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What on earth can you put on a document designed to show off career and work experience when you have none? Don't worry, there are ways and means of creating a great CV for a teenager with no experience by approaching it from a different angle.

You'll have gained lots of skills from school and extracurricular activities without even knowing! You need to identify these, focus on them, and translate them to the page. What are you like in a team? Have you supervised others? Have you organised anything or solved problems? Perhaps you're a people person or have a knack for coming up with great ideas. Whatever key skills you focus on, you need to elaborate on the relevant ones and explain how these would be beneficial to the job in hand.

Think of the interests and hobbies you've done for a while. Have you undertaken something like a Duke of Edinburgh award or similar? These types of activities often involve organisation, team work, effective communication, and problem solving. Were you Prefect or Sports Captain at school? These show leadership capabilities as well as flexibility, time management, and collaboration. What about anything you've achieved under your own initiative that relates to the job you're gunning for? This can include research and reading, visits, and online courses, while proving you're ace at self management and also IT literate.

Check out the CV examples for 16 year olds below, especially the specifically-written CV for teenagers with no experience..

Applying for an apprenticeship?

How are your experiences, key skills, or knowledge going to benefit an apprenticeship? Tell them about things you've done outside your studies to further develop your knowledge. Try to think about things that not everyone else is doing, so that you stand out from the crowd.

CV examples for 16 year olds

Listed below are four CV examples for 16 year olds. These cover a range of options and styles. Note how two of the CV examples for 16 year olds are written in the first person, a more informal approach. The other two good CV examples for a first job are crafted in the more formal third person, a style adopted for most CVs. Depending on your character and personality, pick the teenage CV template that suits you the best.

But be aware, these are just CV examples for 16 year olds, and are designed as such so you can customise them with your own experience and key skills. Remember to tailor your teenager CV every time you apply for a different role.Teenager CV example 1 from TopCVTeenager CV example 2 from TopCVTeenager CV example 3 from TopCVTeenager CV example 4 from TopCVStill not totally confident tackling this by yourself? Make your first ever CV for a 16 year old shine by checking out TopCV's free CV review.

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