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If I'm willing to relocate internationally for a job, how can I include that in my CV?

“How do I politely let employers know in my CV that I am willing to work anywhere in the world?” — Jaden M.


There are several ways that you can state on your CV that you're willing to work anywhere in the world, and I think that the way you have phrased this is already very polite. But there are a few ways you can make it more concise, and therefore more professional.

You might like to phrase it as 'will relocate globally', 'willing to relocate worldwide', or 'open to relocation on a global level', for example.

Where do I put that I'm willing to relocate on my CV?

An example of a CV that demonstrates a willingness to relocate or move for a job.

In this sample CV, the relevant line about relocation is underlined in blue and is included as part of the personal statement. You can view the full CV for this mid-level professional here.

The best place for this information on your CV is your personal statement, which sits just underneath your name and contact details. Your CV personal statement should discuss who you are, what you can bring to the role and your career goals. Add the details about willing to relocate globally to the final part of your statement.

For example, if you're looking for a software engineer role, you might write, 'I am currently looking for a software engineer role and am prepared to relocate globally'.

Have a goal and a plan for your relocation

Food for thought: Perhaps spend some time thinking about where you really want to work on a geographical level. If you have your heart set on a certain country, perhaps look for jobs in that region, rather than hoping a new employer will send you there on a whim. CVs do have differences from country to country. You also will increase your odds of job-search success if you consider where you want to relocate, make a plan and adjust your CV to your desired location's standards. 

Alternatively, if you want the opportunity to work across the world, look at companies who have offices internationally. If you find a job you like, tailor your CV to that opportunity so you convince employers you're the talent they need. You can then bring up the fact that you are open to working anywhere in the world in your cover letter or interview, as opposed to your CV.

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