As Meghan Markle gets ready for her big move across the pond to our shore, she will need a brand-new CV ‒ and we have her covered.

While most people know her as Rachel Zane on the American tv show 'Suits', and now as the American who stole Prince Harry's heart, Meghan Markle's impressive career includes so much more than what you see on the telly and in the tabloids.

From delivering an amazingly feminist speech as a women's advocate for the UN to visiting Rwanda and India as a global ambassador for World Vision Canada and the Clean Water Campaign, Markle isn't afraid to share her thoughts and speak out against racial and gender inequality. She even wrote letters to then First Lady Hillary Clinton, American journalist Linda Ellerbee and American attorney Gloria Allred about a misogynistic line in a dish soap commercial - and her efforts got the organisation to change the tagline.

Markle has also penned articles on her experiences with the UN for Elle UK, wrote about how periods affect girls education in India for TIME and created her own lifestyle blog aimed at empowering women called 'The Tig'.

In honour of Ms. Markle's upcoming marriage to His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, we asked TopCV senior staff writer TC Paulson to write a CV for Ms. Markle that showcases her role as a Humanitarian Advocate, as she previously stated that she intends to leave acting to focus on philanthropy once she's married.

Below is Markle's newly-created CV. We invite you to take a closer look at a career that showcases Ms. Markle as so much more than just Her Royal Highness.

Meghan Markle CV Template

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