Before her wedding to Prince Harry, we updated Meghan Markle's CV to reflect her several life-changing events: a title change, a move, and her new responsibilities

While most people know her as Rachel Zane on the American TV show "Suits," and now as the American who stole Prince Harry's heart, Meghan Markle's impressive career includes so much more than the accomplished Hollywood acting that you see on the television and in the tabloids.

From delivering an amazingly feminist speech as a women's advocate for the UN, to visiting Rwanda and India as a global ambassador for World Vision Canada and the Clean Water Campaign, Markle isn't afraid to share her thoughts and speak out against racial and gender inequality. She even wrote letters to then First Lady Hillary Clinton, American journalist Linda Ellerbee, and American attorney Gloria Allred about a misogynistic line in a dish soap commercial - and her efforts got the organisation to change the tagline.

Markle has also penned articles on her experiences with the UN for Elle UK, written about how periods affect girls' education in India for TIME and created her own lifestyle blog aimed at empowering women, called "The Tig."

In honour of Ms. Markle's upcoming marriage to His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, we asked TopCV's Senior Staff Writer TC Paulson to write a CV for Ms. Markle that showcases her role as a Humanitarian Advocate, as she previously stated that she intends to leave acting to focus on philanthropy once she's married.

Below is Markle's newly-created CV. We invite you to take a closer look at a career that showcases Ms. Markle as so much more than just Her Royal Highness.

Meghan Markle CV Template

Text version

Meghan Markle         

Buckingham Palace, London, UK 

+44 303 123 7300

Humanitarian Advocate

Successful actress leveraging high-profile career for humanitarian organisations to advance charitable missions

Inspirational and dedicated professional with a proven commitment to improving access to clean water, healthcare, community services, and economic resources. Passionate about advancing the mission of organisations that promote gender equality and increase resources for disadvantaged populations. Proactive in promoting education on racial and gender parity across the globe.

Highlights of Expertise

High-Impact Speeches & Presentations

Fundraising & Awareness Initiatives

Healthcare & Water Access Improvements

Organisational Mission Initiatives

Non-Profit Agency Relationship Cultivation  

Diversity & Equality Education Initiatives

Community Partnership Development

Global Campaign Promotions

Gender Parity Programme Leadership

Network Building & Leadership


Humanitarian / Volunteer Experience

GLOBAL AMBASSADOR (2016 to Present) World Vision Canada, Clean Water Campaign

Represent non-profit, humanitarian organisation in efforts to increase global access to clean water for all people.

Served as a community-facing representative to build global organisational recognition, increase fundraising resources, promote education, and lead campaign to build organisation's recognition as a worthy cause in advancing community health and clean water access across the globe.

Contributed to international recognition of organisation and increased promotion of mission by traveling to Rwanda in 2016 and engaging in media campaign to educate the public.

Raised awareness of women's issues through travelling to India as an organisational representative and leveraging role as an actress to boost image of organisation in the global media.


Assumed role as a key speaker at the United Nations Women's Conference in 2015 for the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.

Crafted and presented a noteworthy speech during an internationally recognised conference on the role of women and children in global politics, social change, and community engagement.

Delivered widely recognised speech; quoted for prompting thoughtful dialogue among youth across the globe on the image of women in the media.

During speech, recalled role (as a youth) in enacting social change in media representation of women by writing letters that inspired nationally-recognised transformation in a soap company's marketing slogan from sexist to non-gender specific phrasing.

COUNSELLOR (2014 and 2016) One Young World

Selected as a representative for this international charity and global forum promoting solutions to global issues.

Developed and delivered a high-impact speech at the 2014 Annual Summit, Dublin, in support of advancing mission and vision of global forum, increasing involvement of young leaders from across the world.

Presented on topics of gender equality and modern-day slavery to increase awareness and promote parity among communities and individuals.

Additionally, spoke at Reebok, HonorYourDays (2017) and fundraised for BGC's Annual Charity Day.

Career Experience

LIFESTYLE BLOGGER (2014 to 2017) The Tig

Launched innovative blog to educate young women and girls in cultivating personal and social empowerment.

Completed rigorous research on current issues including social, political, global, and community concerns relevant to contemporary girls and young women. Investigated relevant topics to write and edit high-impact blog content. Sourced, secured, and completed interviews with top media, educational, political, and social figures to create engaging content that increased blog readership.

Launched feature, Tig Talk, profiling successful women: Jessica Alba, Gail Simmons, Ella Woodward, Daphne Oz, Elizabeth Hurley, Lauren Bush, Ivanka Trump, Dianna Agron, and Jessica Stam.

Cultivated supportive sponsorships to generate lucrative and lasting blog revenue while promoting social engagement through dynamic features on noteworthy women.

ACTRESS (2002 to 2017) 

Earned notable recognition for performances in numerous productions including television series and movies.

Interpreted and portrayed fictional characters' personality, nature, and motivations including political, social, professional, and personal intentions. Interpreted script writers' image, mission, and message to deliver engaging performances that generated and increased audience interest. 

Acting credits (2011-2017) Suits: Portrayed driven attorney, Rachel Zane, on top-performing legal drama produced by USA Network and filmed in Toronto, Ontario.

Film Credits (2009-2016): Dater's Handbook, Anti-Social, When Sparks Fly, Horrible Bosses, Get Him to the Greek, Remember Me, and Fringe.

Additional TV Credits (2002-2011): Cuts, Love, Inc., The War at Home, CSI: NY, 90210, Knight Rider, Without a Trace, The League, Castle, General Hospital and the DirecTV Beach Bowl in New York.

USO / United Service Organisations (2014): Travelled with the USO Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Holiday Tour to Afghanistan and Spain.

FASHION DESIGNER (2016)  Reitman's

Designed line of women's fashion workwear released by major Canadian retailer in November 2016.

Leveraged strong knowledge of professional women's needs and desires in envisioning, designing, and leading production of a sophisticated, trend-setting line of clothing for women in the workplace.

Additional Experience

Essayist Elle, UK

Freelance Calligrapher: Clients: Robin Thicke & Paula Patton and Dolce & Gabbana

Intern, United States Embassy, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Bachelor of Arts (Double Major), Theatre & International Studies, 2003

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Hobbies & Interests

Yoga, calligraphy, cuisine


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This article was originally written in 2018 and has been updated to reflect TopCV's editorial guidelines as well as to include a text copy of the CV for accessibility.

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