He added humour to an unfortunate situation.

At any job, there are a number of warning signs that you may be fired soon. Maybe your workload has been getting smaller and your co-workers have been distant. Perhaps assignments that would typically be yours have been given to a subordinate. No one wants to think about it, but it's important to have these red flags in mind so you can anticipate an upcoming job search.

Over in New Zealand, copywriter Josh Thompson saw some of those red flags himself. When he received an email from HR asking for a meeting to discuss his role, he feared the worst. Going into the meeting, Thompson took advantage of a New Zealand law that requires employers to allow the attendance of a 'support person' during disciplinary meetings. However, he left his family and friends at home and instead hired a professional to help keep the mood light: a clown called Joe.

While Joe couldn't prevent the redundancy, his fake crying and balloon animals certainly brought some humour into the otherwise dismal room.

Whether you've underperformed or have been made redundant, being forced into a job search is never easy. Having a clown at your side may soften the blow, but the best medicine will be landing a new role that outshines the last. With the right mindset and strong application materials, you won't be down for long.

Like a redundancy, a job search can come as a surprise. Be ready for anything with an up-to-date CV. See where you stand by getting a free CV critique.

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